Xtreme Powerbond Adhesives

Instant and Two Part Adhesives with Superior Bond Strength, Faster Set Speeds, Greater Flexibility, and Higher Temperature, Solvent and Impact Resistance

Xtreme PowerBond is a complete line of instant and two part adhesives with superior performance in a variety of production environments, including automatic reclaim applications. The Xtreme PowerBond adhesive range is comprised of two basic adhesive technologies. The Instant adhesive was engineered for the use with a priming accelerator to instantaneously activate the liquid adhesive. The Two-part adhesive utilizes the addition of a liquid catalyst before the adhesive is applied to the surface and then air dried. Xtreme PowerBond Screen Adhesive Technology offers unique chemistry which improves performance with superior bond strength, faster set speeds, greater flexibility, and higher temperature, solvent and impact resistance.


  • Faster set speeds
  • Greater flexibility
  • High temperature and impact resistance
  • Low VOC - SCAQMD Compliant
  • Cures Instantly
  • Bonds with all types of frames
  • Excellent bonding strength, with high shear and low peel
  • Diverse product offering - Different viscosities for different mesh counts

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