ECRM Imaging Systems

ECRM Imaging Systems stands behind the affordability, reliability and simplicity of all of our commercial, news, and workflow products. For over 30 years, customers have invested their businesses in our successful line of MAKO imagesetter products.

The MAKO 200 CTP provides an easy, value-packed entry into CTP production with a full resolution range of 1200 – 3556 dpi. It is one of the fastest 2-page CTP units in its class, imaging over 27 GTO plates per hour at 2400 dpi. By combining simplicity, versatility and proven imaging technology, the MAKO 200 brings maximum CTP benefits including reduced operating costs and improved quality on press to 2-page printers.


  • The MAKO 200 employs an auto-pinch/auto-image feature for true hands-free operation after initial plate positioning.
  • Utilizing the latest 120 mw violet laser technology our future-proof design allows a smooth transition to violet chemistry-free plate technology.
  • ECRM’s versatile platesetter technology provides ultimate format flexibility - accommodates all 2-up presses and some 4-up presses.
  • Flexible – ECRM’s patented press registration pin bars allow for both edge and notch registration, matching a wider range of press requirements.
  • No hidden extras – our online conveyor is standard on all MAKO CTP, allowing for a direct connection to the processor at no extra cost.
  • ECRM’s easy to use CtServer is included with the MAKO 200 and is custom-made to fit your needs. Our open-ended software system accepts 1-bit TIFF files – choose the solutions you want. ECRM is here to help.
  • ECRM’s patented plate handling and optical system provide long life and low replacement cost.
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface makes training easy.
  • Basic electricity requirements and quick installation — no dedicated power line needed. Low energy consumption, draws the same energy as a PC.


Plate Sizes Maximum: 560mm x 670mm (22.0" x 26.4")
Minimum: 228mm x 252mm (8.9" x 9.9")
Plate Thickness 0.14mm to 0.35mm (0.0055" to 0.014")
Media Types Violet-sensitive photopolymer and silver halide metal plates. See media specifications for safe-light information.
Recording Source 120 mw violet laser diode (405 nm)
Resolutions Seven resolutions from 1200 to 3556 dpi (472 to 1400 dpcm)
Resolutions include: 1200, 1270, 1800, 2400, 2540, 3048, and 3556dpi
Maximum Line Screen Up to 200 lpi (78.7 lpcm). Media dependent
Repeatability 0.025mm (0.001") typical. May vary according to media type and processing conditions
Processing Plates are moved to processor automatically by a transport bridge - standard equipment on MAKO 200.
Environmental Power: 100 - 240 Volts; 3 Amps; 250 watts maximum; 50/60Hz, single phase. Heat Dissipation: 850 BTU/hour
Operating Conditions 62 - 86° F (17 - 30° C); relative humidity 45 - 65%, non-condensing. Relative humidity outside of this range may affect performance. Operating conditions outside plate media specifications may affect performance.
Weight 145.5 kg (320 lbs.)
Footprint Dimensions Width: 96.5cm (38.0") Length: 160.0cm (63.0") Height: 188.0cm (74.0")

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