FUJIFILM Holdings selected for “Water A-List” by renowned international non-profit CDP

in the survey of water resource management



October 24, 2017



FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has been selected for the first time for inclusion on the Water A-List, the highest level of recognition awarded to companies by the renowned international non-profit CDP*1 in its survey of water resource management. 73 companies from around the world, including 12 Japanese companies, were included on the list. An increasing number of institutional investors use the results of the survey for their decisions on ESG (environmental, social, governance) investment.


Since the foundation, the group has upheld a philosophy of environmental consciousness and environmental protection are at the core of our corporate activities. Under this philosophy, the group has been working to achieve environmentally-friendly water resource management through measures such as efficient water usage and purification of wastewater produced by the companys factories. The recognition of Fujifilm by CDP acknowledges the companys efforts to strengthen water resource risk management through measures including the introduction of the Water Footprint Method*2 in product development process, in addition to proactive initiatives for the creation of business opportunities. These specific initiatives are listed below:


-         Developed two unique indices such as Future Water Stress*3 and Business Impact Based on Water Input Volumes for evaluating water risk. Using these indices, the company created the evaluation matrix “Water Risk Map”, and utilized it for the stronger management of water risk.

-         Introduced the Water Footprint Method into the product development process in order to evaluate the volume of water usage for not only Fujifilm’s business but for the businesses of the companys suppliers throughout the entire product life-cycle including raw materials procurement to further strengthening risk management. The company has also created business opportunities by actively disclosing information on water risk to customers with a high degree of interest in the issues.

-         Supplied materials including highly functional filtration materials used for processing water in order to contribute to the resolution of international water resource issues.


This year, Fujifilm Holdings drew up the Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030), a new CSR plan that sets out the companys CSR targets for 2030. The plan is designed to achieve the twin goals of solving social issues through our business activities and considering society and environment in our business processes, while aligning the companys activities with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


Fujifilm group is currently promoting SVP2030 with challenging quantitative targets such as reducing water usage of the entire group by 30% in comparison to fiscal year ended 2014 March keeping overall usage below 35 million tons in fiscal year ending March and achieving the environmental contribution that is equal to or greater than the environmental impact of the companys business activities by providing highly functional materials and services used for water processing.


Fujifilm Group remains committed to the protection of water resources, an issue of great social importance, in addition to active engagement in information disclosure through CDP and other organizations, contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society.


*1 An international non-profit that works together with institutional investors with total assets of US$100 trillion

in order to promote the disclosure of information and management of the environmental impact of corporations in the areas of climate change, water resources and forestry.

*2 A method of quantifying and visualizing environmental impacts on water resources by calculating the volume of water used throughout the entire product life-cycle, which encompasses raw materials procurement, production, transportation, use and recycling.

*3 An index that measures the degree of stress in the water supply-demand balance.


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